#tbt spring and summer tips

#TBT – the Best Spring & Summer Tips from 2015

With the long weekend coming up, we are daydreaming to long summer days spent outdoors.

Each and every Thursday, Instagram & Twitter feeds are taken over by #TBT posts featuring childhood photos and anecdotes. I don’t know about you, but I love to browse through #TBT posts as a trip down memory lane.

So in honor of #TBT, we are throwing it back to 2015 and recalling our top spring & summer skin care posts from 2015.

  • How to Prevent your Skin from Peeling: It’s time to dust off those swim suits and sundresses for long days in the sun. Find out what can be done once peeling starts and how to prevent your skin from peeling.
  • Spring Beauty Tips  – The return of spring (or summer) applies not only to our homes and the length of our days but also to the health of our bodies, inside and out. Discover how to treat your body right this spring.
  • Sun Exposure Aftercare – We’ve all experienced a terrible sunburn, learn how to properly treat your skin afterwards.

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What are your favorite skincare tips from summer?

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