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How to Tell its a Fake no!no! Device

What is a no!no! device?

The no!no! is an at-home professional hair removal device that uses heat, not light to remove and treat hair on your face and body. The no!no! comes in a MICRO, PRO, and ULTRA versions as well as in a few color choices.

Recently there has been a rise in counterfeit no!no! devices sold on the internet. Retailers that are NOT authorized to sell no!no! devices include Groupon, Alibaba, Craigslist, ebay, jet, and newegg. These counterfeit devices look almost identical to authentic no!no! devices but are very cheaply produced making the unsafe for usage on your skin.

Authorized, authentic no!no! devices sell for the below prices at MSRP. If you find one that is less than MSRP, it is most likely a FAKE.

This guide is to help you identify a fake no! no! device prior to purchasing one for yourself.  All no!no! devices sold on askderm.com are 100% verified by the manufacturer as authentic as askderm.com is a verified reseller.

Why you do NOT want to buy a Counterfeit no!no! device:

  • The fake no!no! devices are extremely dangerous and harmful.
  • The outer shell plastic on the fake no! no! devices are not heat retardant.
  • The fake tips are not heat retardant.
  • The fake units are prone to overheating and catching on fire.

Known Counterfeit Packaging:

fake no no packaging fakenonopackaging2 fakenonopackaging3
Duplicate Counterfeit Packaging: These packaging designs were used in the past but are no longer being sold.

fake no no

Other ways to distinguish a counterfeit device:

  • Products shown in the below color combinations.
  • Products without a serial number on the box.
  • Products without a logo on the front of the product.
  • Products with tips in sets of 3’s.

fake no no colorsfake no no no logo

Radiancy is the manufacturer of no! no! hair removal devices. A list of all authorized resellers can be found here.

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