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  • cleartouch nail fungus review

    ClearTouch Nail Fungus Review: Does it Really Work?

    ClearTouch Nail Fungus treatment device by Radiancy is an FDA-Cleared device that utilizes LHE Phototherapy in an at-home treatment device.

    Radiancy is the only professional company providing products to the “at home” market using their professional proprietary technologies miniaturized for consumers. (more…)

  • what are the differences between foreo devices

    What are the differences between Foreo Devices?

    FOREO has made several changes to their original FOREO Luna devices – they recently released their 2nd generation LUNA devices.

    What makes these 2nd Generation devices different from the original LUNA devices?
    36% thicker silicone for a plusher and softer body that feels wonderful to hold and use, and better diffuses T-Sonic™ and anti-aging pulsations for enhanced results
    50% larger brush head covers more area for more efficient cleansing
    26% longer touch-points are gentler on the skin and improve reach so no area is left un-cleansed (more…)

  • healthy hair

    How to Achieve and Maintain Healthy Hair

    I have very long hair. Hair that reaches to the small of my back and often becomes trapped in closed car doors. The number one question I get asked is “Is your hair real or do you have extensions?” (The answer is no, I do not have extensions, these long locks are all mine!) Often time followed by “How did you get your hair to grow so long?” How my hair came to be as long and healthy as it is, takes more than a few words in a passing conversation to answer. Read on for all of my hairs care tricks and tips! (more…)

  • esthetician night time routine

    An Inside Look into an Esthetician’s Nightly Routine

    Often I am asked about the specific products I use, how often I use them and in what order. While my routine and the products that I use are geared towards my specific skin type (oily/acneic), there are still take-a-ways that anyone could incorporate into their routine. (more…)

  • foreo issa toothbrush review

    FOREO Issa Review

    From the brand that brought you silicone sonic skincare cleansing, FOREO is now venturing into the market of oral care with the launch of ISSA. ISSA is revolutionizing the electric toothbrush that has seemingly remained unchanged since its initial release during the 1960s. ISSA’s sonic pulse technology creates 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute for effective cleaning, while its silicone bristles are gentle enough for the most sensitive mouths. (more…)

  • patchology new brand review

    NEW! Brand Patchology + Initial Thoughts

    Patchology is all about ‘The Power of The Patch’.  Patches + Technology= Patchology. Patchology is a great line of wonderful products that are known for leaving your skin with noticeable, long lasting results. These products aren’t to be used solo, but in addition to your daily skincare regimen.   (more…)


    askderm Welcomes Ren and Product Review

    Ren, Swedish for “clean” is a UK brand, founded on the principals of using pure, clean and effective ingredients. 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients are the foundation of product formulation. Ren is free from synthetics; no petrochemicals, silicones, sulfates, phalates, PEGs or parabens. (more…)


    What are the differences between the Foreo Luna, Luna Pro, and Luna Mini?

    The Foreo LUNA Mini is a travel-sized deep-cleansing facial cleansing device, made from soft rounded silicone, that has two speeds and provides up to 300 uses per full charge. The LUNA Mini is available in five bright colors and is suitable for all skin types.  In addition to the benefits of the LUNA Mini, the Foreo LUNA offers an anti-aging mode that uses low-frequency pulsations to reduce the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The LUNA has eight different speeds, provides up to 450 uses per full charge, and is available in three models depending on your skin type. The Foreo Luna Pro has a dual-motor to achieve clinical results at home. The LUNA Pro is suitable for all skin types since it adapts to your skin as it grows and changes.


  • sole happyness review

    Sole Happyness Natural Loofah Scrub Soap

    This exfoliating soap bar smoothes and hydrates the soles of your feet. It is made with natural ingredients such as the loofah sponge, a fibrous fruit, which is a biodegradable exfoliant. The scent is fresh and slightly citrus. (more…)


    Acure Quick Fix Correcting Balm Review

    Acure has been rolling out new product releases over the past several months and none disappoint! This certified organic balm is a major multi-tasker and is perfect for anyone who is always busy & on-the-go, trying to streamline his or her products & skincare regiment, travels often, or is just looking to combat dry skin with an extra emollient product! This balm is very concentrated and you seriously only need the smallest amount! (more…)

  • blinc pallete review

    Blinc Shadow Fusion Palette Review

    A beautiful neutral palette that contains 10 shadows in total. Five of which are matte and five are shimmer. The shadows are enclosed within a heavy-duty case that also houses a duo-ended brush and a mirror. This palette contains warm and cool tone shades and is both vegan and cruelty free. The combinations of shadows and application techniques can be combined to make an endless number of both day and evening looks. (more…)

  • DCL Anti-Aging System Review

    DCL Anti-Aging System Review

    Must it be so difficult to find a product that works with your skin’s changes?! How is it I can have beautiful, glowing skin one day and next it’s dry and dull?! It’s a frustrating part of my life that I was left with after a surgery seven years ago which gave me a terrible hormonal imbalance. I have wasted so much money (makes me cringe just thinking about some of the ridiculous products I’ve purchased!…no, you will not actually look as if you’ve had a face lift from one use of their “guaranteed’ face lifting product…trust me (sigh!)). (more…)

  • eltamd review and giveaway

    eltaMD PM Therapy Review + eltaMD Giveaway

    EltaMD PM  Therapy Facial Moisturizer has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine and has completely changed my skin, for the better! This face lotion is fantastic, I have never used a nighttime face cream that has changed my skin so drastically, and it seemed to change overnight! No, that is not a pun; the next day after using this face lotion my skin was so smooth and hydrated without feeling oily. Within the week the oil production in my face balanced out and cleared up. (more…)

  • beaming white home teeth whitening kit review

    Beaming White Teeth Whitening Review

    Beaming White is one of the largest manufacturers of professional in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments. The products are manufactured within the United States, are 100% vegan friendly and formulated with kosher ingredients. (more…)

  • glytone mild gel wash review

    Glytone Mild Gel Wash Review

    Glytone Mild Gel wash is my ride-or-die of the facial cleanser world and lives 24/7 in my shower or on my bathroom counter (and that is valuable space so that means something); it does everything that I need it to and more, and I love when a product does that, it just gives me more reason to love it. (more…)