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  • coffee and skincare

    Coffee and Skincare

    Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! Have another cup because coffee has some pretty cool beauty benefits.

    In addition to the many health benefits of drinking coffee – our skin can benefit too! By introducing caffeine into your skin care routine, you will be left with toned, smooth skin all over your body.


  • what are the differences between foreo devices

    What are the differences between Foreo Devices?

    FOREO has made several changes to their original FOREO Luna devices – they recently released their 2nd generation LUNA devices.

    What makes these 2nd Generation devices different from the original LUNA devices?
    36% thicker silicone for a plusher and softer body that feels wonderful to hold and use, and better diffuses T-Sonic™ and anti-aging pulsations for enhanced results
    50% larger brush head covers more area for more efficient cleansing
    26% longer touch-points are gentler on the skin and improve reach so no area is left un-cleansed (more…)

  • differences between no!no! devices

    What are the Differences Between the no!no! Devices?

    The no!no! MICRO is a travel-sized pulsed thermicon technology hair removal device that has one treatment level. The no!no! MICRO is available in 3 colors – red, white, & black. The no!no! PRO is a full-sized pulsed thermicon technology hair removal device that has three treatment levels. The no!no! MICRO is available in 3 colors – platinum, pink, & blue. The no!no! ULTRA is a fulll-sized pulsed thermicon technology hair removal device that has three treatment level. There are interchangeable beauty tools heads that fit the ULTRA to convert the device into a facial cleansing brush as well as a gentle micro-massage attachment. The no!no! ULTRA is available in 1 color – white.  All no!no! devices are suitable for all skin and hair types. (more…)

  • healthy hair

    How to Achieve and Maintain Healthy Hair

    I have very long hair. Hair that reaches to the small of my back and often becomes trapped in closed car doors. The number one question I get asked is “Is your hair real or do you have extensions?” (The answer is no, I do not have extensions, these long locks are all mine!) Often time followed by “How did you get your hair to grow so long?” How my hair came to be as long and healthy as it is, takes more than a few words in a passing conversation to answer. Read on for all of my hairs care tricks and tips! (more…)

  • ten things your esthetician wants you to know before your bikini wax

    10 Things your Esthetician Wants you to Know Before your Bikini Wax

    Whether you are looking for a sexy new look, getting ready for vacation or just a simple upkeep in your busy schedule, whether it’s completely bare, a landing strip or hell even a heart that you’re looking for, millions of people, men and women both get waxed down under. (more…)

  • post workout skincare tips

    New Year, New You: Pre & Post Workout Skincare

    It’s that time of year again where we have our sights set on our New Year’s resolutions and on all the goals we have created for ourselves for the upcoming year.  One of the most popular resolutions is getting in shape and losing weight.  Here are some pre and post workout skincare tips that will surely make a difference in your skin health.  These tips are simple to remember and easy to follow. (more…)

  • esthetician_gift_guide

    Esthetician’s Gift Guide

    It’s that time of year where we write our Christmas lists, try to find the best deals on gifts to give our family and friends and hopefully not have to return any hideous sweaters your Grandmother picked out for you.   (more…)

  • Fall Beauty Tips by Chantal in-house esthician

    beauty tips from askderm’s in-house esthetician

    Want the inside scoop? Chantal, askderm’s in-house esthetician, shares her top beauty tips and skincare expertise for Fall 2015. (more…)

  • tips to reduce cellulite

    10 Tips on Reducing Cellulite

    Have you ever seen those terribly invasive photos of your favorite celebs on vacation frolicking in a bikini that were taken by paparazzi pointing out any imperfections that they may have? (I don’t even like taking pictures in a bikini let alone ones that I wasn’t prepared for!). No one is perfect…even famous A-list celebrities have cellulite. (more…)

  • blinc pallete review

    Blinc Shadow Fusion Palette Review

    A beautiful neutral palette that contains 10 shadows in total. Five of which are matte and five are shimmer. The shadows are enclosed within a heavy-duty case that also houses a duo-ended brush and a mirror. This palette contains warm and cool tone shades and is both vegan and cruelty free. The combinations of shadows and application techniques can be combined to make an endless number of both day and evening looks. (more…)

  • halloween makeup tutorial comic book

    Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Pop-Art / Comic Book

    Halloween is right around the corner. Here is another Halloween makeup tutorial look that is getting a lot of hits lately. It’s the Pop Art/Comic Book character look. This is a great look for both guys and girls and can be done in a lot of variations, plus it is super easy. I used my Blinc Eyeliner pen and red Halloween cream makeup for this look.  (more…)

  • deer makeup tutorial

    How To: Halloween Makeup Tutorial – The Deer

    October is one of my favorite times of year because at the end of it, after I’ve drowned myself in everything pumpkin, I get to dress up! Want to be a deer this year for Halloween, all you need is a brown shirt, some deer ears & this adorable doe eyed makeup look that is quick and easy to do. (more…)

  • the best ways to deal with rosacea

    the Best Ways to Deal with Rosacea

    With Rosacea being a very common skin disorder, there are an estimated 16 million Americans who are suffering with this condition and according to, there are millions of others who may be in a temporary remission. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which causes overly sensitive skin, red pus filled pimple like bumps, visible blood vessels and skin that flushes and blushes very easily. (more…)

  • beaming white home teeth whitening kit review

    Beaming White Teeth Whitening Review

    Beaming White is one of the largest manufacturers of professional in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments. The products are manufactured within the United States, are 100% vegan friendly and formulated with kosher ingredients. (more…)

  • employee favorite skincare picks

    Let our Favorites Become Yours – Staff Favorites

    There are so many amazing skincare and beauty products to choose from and to help you find that perfect product, we’ve reached out to our employees to help. Find out why we love these products and why you will love them too!