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  • osmosis skincare h2o waters

    Osmosis – Harmonized H2O

    Harmonized H20 utilizes frequencies imprinted on water molecules to balance energetic disruptions in our system. Science tells us that we are all made from vibrational energy, meaning every component in the body has a unique frequency that distinguishes it from everything else. As you might imagine, when we eat badly, drink heavily, inhale toxins, or suffer from an illness, we change the makeup of our body and also change the cellular vibrations that comprise that tissue. Harmonized Water is designed to recalibrate the damaged tissue and restore it to its optimal state. (more…)


    What are the differences between the Foreo Luna, Luna Pro, and Luna Mini?

    The Foreo LUNA Mini is a travel-sized deep-cleansing facial cleansing device, made from soft rounded silicone, that has two speeds and provides up to 300 uses per full charge. The LUNA Mini is available in five bright colors and is suitable for all skin types.  In addition to the benefits of the LUNA Mini, the Foreo LUNA offers an anti-aging mode that uses low-frequency pulsations to reduce the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The LUNA has eight different speeds, provides up to 450 uses per full charge, and is available in three models depending on your skin type. The Foreo Luna Pro has a dual-motor to achieve clinical results at home. The LUNA Pro is suitable for all skin types since it adapts to your skin as it grows and changes.


  • DCL Anti-Aging System Review

    DCL Anti-Aging System Review

    Must it be so difficult to find a product that works with your skin’s changes?! How is it I can have beautiful, glowing skin one day and next it’s dry and dull?! It’s a frustrating part of my life that I was left with after a surgery seven years ago which gave me a terrible hormonal imbalance. I have wasted so much money (makes me cringe just thinking about some of the ridiculous products I’ve purchased!…no, you will not actually look as if you’ve had a face lift from one use of their “guaranteed’ face lifting product…trust me (sigh!)). (more…)

  • the best ways to deal with rosacea

    the Best Ways to Deal with Rosacea

    With Rosacea being a very common skin disorder, there are an estimated 16 million Americans who are suffering with this condition and according to, there are millions of others who may be in a temporary remission. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which causes overly sensitive skin, red pus filled pimple like bumps, visible blood vessels and skin that flushes and blushes very easily. (more…)

  • mybody myhero serum review

    mybody myHero Review

    I have found my new favorite serum! The myHero Anti-Aging Growth Factor Serum is a wonderful product that diminishes the effects of aging while tightening and brightening the skin. I didn’t know that I needed this product in my skincare routine but I need this in my skincare regimen. The myHero name totally fits because it is my hero when it comes to my skin. (more…)

  • neostrata active perfecting peel review

    NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel Review

    I was recently introduced to the idea of at home chemical peels and I had seemed wary with some of the different products that were being sold out there (I’m not going to test it out with something that could potentially burn me!) but I heard amazing reviews about Neostrata’s at-home peel from several of my esthetician friends who have used it themselves and who recommend it for their clients to use in-between visits. Will the Neostrata Perfecting Peel leave your skin feeling amazing & radiant, read my full Neostrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel Review.


  • eltaMD PM Therapy Review

    EltaMD PM Therapy Review

    I’d love to think that with a long, peaceful 8-9 hours of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ type of sleep I would wake up with flowy gorgeous hair, the sun shining, birds chirping and a smile on my face…yeah…not ever gonna happen! (more…)

  • clearista review

    Clearista Retexturizing Gel Review

    The Search to Find the Perfect Retexturizing Gel…

    I’ve searched the shelves of beauty stores, testing different friends’ suggestions and trying out various brands to find the perfect retexturizing product that I could not only use on myself but suggest to my clients as well.   It may not sound like a difficult task, but because our skin is always changing due to hormones, sun damage, environmental effects and even just plain ol’ everyday stress, it’s great to find a product that can be used with various skin types from sensitive skin, acne prone and even mature skin all while creating a wonderful glow regardless of the skin type! (more…)

  • Best Anti-Aging Ingredients

    Everyone is in search of the “fountain of youth” these days. There may be no such thing, but here are the top 5 ingredients you should make sure are in your “treatment” products that are putting in the effort to keep your skin looking young. Keep in mind not just 1 product will have all of these ingredients and you can layer/treat both AM & PM.

    1. Retinoids:
    Retinoic acid (Tretinoin): By prescription – Scientifically proven to improve the appearance of the signs of aging by promoting growth of new, healthy skin cells and restoring the collagen damaged over the years. It can also lighten brown spots and stimulated hyaluronic acid production.

    Retinol: When applied to the skin, retinol converts to retinoic acid. It is less potent than tretinoin, but its continued use can improve the appearance of aging skin signs.

    2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA)
    AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as glycolic acid, add radiance, smooth lines, help fade blotches, and allow other anti-aging ingredients to penetrate faster and work more effectively.

    PHA: Ingredients such as gluconolactone and lactobionic acid are types of Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA). They are similar to AHA, but less irritant due to their larger molecular structure, which makes them more suitable than AHA for individuals with sensitive skin.

    3. Antioxidants:
    Vitamins: Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is the topical antioxidant par excellence. When applied topically, vitamin C has been proven to increase collagen production, which is significant in the fight against wrinkles. Vitamin C reduces skin discoloration and helps skin better withstand exposure to sunlight. Vitamin E or alpha tocopherol works in several different ways to protect cell membranes from oxidative damage. It also works in powerful synergy with vitamin C increasing its stability. It is very important to use a serum formulation packaged in a dark bottle to prevent light exposure. The combination of these vitamins with other botanical antioxidants such as ferulic acid or phloretin may potentiate their action preventing and correcting signs of photo aging.

    Resveratrol: Is a potent polyphenolic antioxidant, found in, red wine, red grapes nuts, and fruits such as blueberries and cranberries. When applied topically, it protects against sun damage, improves collagen production, and reduces cell damage. Its continued use has shown improvement of aging skin signs.

    Green tea: The key compound in green tea that provides potent antioxidant protection is epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) that, when used topically, can prevent collagen breakdown and reduce sun damage.

    4. Growth factors: 
    Growth factors are proteins that regulate cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation under controlled conditions. They play an important part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function. Most of the growth factors used in cosmetics are from plants.

      Results from multiple controlled clinical studies have shown that the application of skin creams containing growth factors: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as a result of new collagen synthesis, improves the appearance of age spots and evens out pigmentation, reduces skin roughness, improves skin texture and elasticity and improves skin smoothness and tightness.

    5. Peptides: 
    Peptides are a string of amino acids that are held together by bonds of nitrogen and carbon. Short chain peptides are able to penetrate the epidermis and send signals to cells, informing them how to function.

    There are different types of peptides that help to reduce the signs of photo aging. They are effective in repairing damaged and aging skin, but their results are visible only after being used between 6 to 12 weeks and must be continuously utilized. Once the peptides are discontinued, the results may fade.

    Examples of peptides are: Collagen/Elastin Building Peptides, Argireline, Matrixyl, Dermaxyl, Acetyl Glutamyl Octapeptide-3, and several more.

    Always remember that you can use all the right products with the best anti-aging ingredients out there but if you neglect to use sunscreen- you will not see the benefits.  Sunscreen is an important step when trying to achieve that youthful glow. When sunscreen is used year-round with the 5 ingredients listed above- you are on the right track to younger, healthier skin. 

    Get on track, with our top anti-aging products, today!


    THE DOCTORS had 4 of our Favorite NEOVA products on the show!!
    1. NEOVA DNA Damage Control SILC SHEER
    2. Power Defense
    3. Crème de la Copper
    4. Copper Mask


  • Alternates to Botox® – injectables

    Botox®– injectables

    The Average cost for Botox®– injectables ranges from $400 – $1000 based on where you are located and how many injections you receive per visit. The Botox® injections lasts approximately 4 months.