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Gly Derm
Gentle Face Cleanser

8 oz / 236 ml


SKU / ID: 13006 • UPC: 855841003006
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A concentrated AHA (glycolic acid) cleanser which contains no soap or alkalis. Gentle Face Cleanser is a non-irritating formula and may be used on even the most sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling comfortable and not dry. With 0.2% glycolic acid, Gentle Face Cleanser helps restore the natural pH of the skin.

Please note: This product cannot be shipped to residents of California.

Apply 1 or 2 pumps to wet hands. Gently massage onto face and neck with circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and pat dry. Repeat to remove heavier makeup. Use twice daily for optimal results.
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Cocoglyceryl Ether Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Cocamide DEA, Phenoxyethanol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Caprylyl Glycol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Glycolic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract.
ratingratingratingratingrating  Liz (5/18/2014 1:40:37 PM)
Love it
Pros: Love it great for sun spots on skin of color helps fade
Cons: None

ratingratingratingratingrating  Julie (5/27/2010)
It works great and doesn`t make my skin feel tight and dry.

Pros: It's good for any type of skin.

ratingratingratingratingrating  alex (4/23/2010)
This cleanser is extremely gentle but it actually cleans your skin.

ratingratingratingrating  Elizabeth (12/29/2009)
I have been using this cleanser for a few years. I use it in the mornings mostly.

Pros: gets my skin feeling clean without feeling stripped of moisture.
Cons: Sometimes I use a glycolic cleanser instead at the end of the day for a deeper clean. I find that using two different cleansers works very well for me.

ratingratingrating  m.t. (10/27/2009)
I would have given this a 5-star rating, but the formula has changed.
Pros: Gentle, removes dirt and makeup, leaves skin feeling soft and clean.
Cons: I'm so bummed that they changed it. It seems watered down now. Used to be my all time favorite. I can't put my finger on what it's missing.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Lan (8/13/2009)
I have very dry skin. My derm. doctor recommended Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser and I just love it! I`ve tried all the expensive brand name cleanser but nothing works as well as Gly Derm. My skin is now smooth, soft, and just perfect!
Pros: Soften my skins
Cons: If I'm wearing makeup, I have to wash my face twice to get the makeup off.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Holly (8/4/2009)
Have used this product for two years - my skin has never looked better!

ratingratingratingratingrating  MaryJo (7/22/2009)
I`ve been using this face wash for at least 10 years. It was first recommended by my dermatologist, along with the rest of the GlyDerm line. I used all of the products for a few years, then graduated to the Kinerase cream for moisturizer, but I still use Glyderm Gentle Cleanser. I`ve tried other more expensive products and always come back to Glyderm. I like to use it with the Buf Puf gentle exfoliating sponge. I am almost 50 and my skin is in much better shape than others in my age group, I really think the products have something to do with it.
Pros: It's affordable, lasts a long time, very gentle on the skin, no scent to it.
Cons: can't think of any

ratingratingratingratingrating  yvonne (7/15/2009)
i have been using this product since i was 18 and i`m 35 now. my skin feels clean and acne free. it doesn`t dry out like some of the products you buy at the drug store or at the department store
Pros: great product and it hasn't changed.
Cons: they don't sell this stuff at the dermatologist's office anymore.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Cecilia (6/26/2009)
This product clears up my acne prone skin.

ratingratingratingratingrating  CJ Gehlke (6/8/2009)
I love this line and get compliments on my skin all the time! You can`t go wrong. It`s priced well, easy to use and the results are fabulous.

ratingratingratingratingrating  CJ (5/10/2009)
This whole product line works GREAT-- as well or better than anything you can find in the department stores. You`ll find reviews saying the line is great with the only con I``ve ever seen being that it doesn`t have a anti-aging capabilities. What good is anti-aging if your skin doesn`t look as good as it does using this product? And what is anti-aging anyway? This product works hard, forces your skin to continually renew. It is very inexpensive compared to department store skincare products. I get compliments on my skin all the time when I use this product. Can`t be beat!!!
Pros: Skin clear and smooth when used correctly at the highest level your skin can comfortably handle.
Cons: None

ratingratingratingratingrating  Sandy Bedard (2/20/2009)
I love GlyDerm Gentle Cleanser! It cleans off makeup thoroughly, but gently. My skin has never been so clear and moisturized. I wouldn`t use anything else!
Pros: Besides the above, I live the color and style of the bottle. It looks great on my sinktop!
Cons: The pump top doesn't work well sometimes. It keeps locking.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Nanci (2/15/2009)
Great cleanser. Non drying, you only need a bit, lasts long. Great value.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Donna (1/23/2009)
Great product. Been using it for years.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Abby M. (1/13/2009)
I would recommend this product; I have tried many others but they were all too harsh and drying for my skin. I never have that worry with this product.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Celia (1/3/2009)
I have been using this product for almost 10 years. I started because of a reaction to soap. It is wonderful, drying and lasts a long time. I recommend it to anyone.
Pros: It does not dry out my skin
Cons: None

ratingratingratingratingrating  lynn crozier (12/19/2008)
This cleanser is the best for me as a 40 year old and my teenagers that have acne. It keeps all of our skin looking fresh and healthy. I first purchased it at my dermatologist.
Pros: half the cost on this website.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Dana (11/17/2008)

ratingratingratingratingrating  Celia (11/1/2008)
I have been using this product for over 10 years and love it. I never have a soapy residue and my face feels clean.
Pros: See above

ratingratingratingratingrating  Clare (10/31/2008)
The best cleanser! My dermatologist recommended it after a bout with adult acne. It cleared me up and has been working great for the last 7 years!
Cons: Can be drying sometimes. A moisturizer usually takes care of this.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Cindy Knight (10/27/2008)
Glyderm face cleanser was recommended to me by a skin doctor over 4-5 years ago and I still use it every night. It cleans very well and it does not dry out my face. Will continue to use it and I also love the hydrotone for moisturizing.
Pros: Cleans very well and does not dry out my face.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Chris Birkmann (10/23/2008)
great product, I have been using it for eight years

ratingratingratingratingrating  Kim (10/22/2008)
Have used this cleanser since going through a series of ``mini peels``. It was sold through the dermatologist`s office at that time.
Pros: Not highly scented. My face never feels tight and dry after cleansing. Doesn't feel greasy after cleansing either, like with cream cleansers.
Cons: It's a bit pricey, but lasts a long time.

ratingratingratingratingrating  KW (10/22/2008)
I have used Glyderm products for almost 15 years and they have done wonders for my skin.
Pros: I love the cleanser, moisturizer and glymask!
Cons: I have not been able to use the Glyderm lotion but I have very, very sensitive skin. It is the only Glyderm product that I haven't been able to use.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Andrea (10/22/2008)
Very little fragrance.
Seems effective - the water in the basin is discoloured when I wash at the end of the day, even if I haven`t worn makeup.
Pros: Washes very clean away - no residue.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Charlene Pollan (10/22/2008)
Wonderful product. My Dermatologist prescribed Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser several years ago. He continues to do so. Now, I am past middle age and he still tells me to use it as the only cleanser.
Pros: It is a good cleanser, not drying, and not irritating to the skin.

ratingratingratingrating  Virginia (10/22/2008)
Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser works well with Gly Derm Lotion. However, the formula seems watered down recently. I liked it better when it was thicker and creamier
Pros: I like that it is gentle, takes off my makeup, and prepares my skin for the Lotion.
Cons: Gentle Cleanser is not as thick and creamy as it used to be. I liked it better before.

ratingratingratingratingrating  D Roy (10/21/2008)
Great product!
Pros: Skin feels great

ratingratingratingratingrating  angela (10/21/2008)
I came upon this product through my dermatologist in another state. We moved and he was shipping it to me, until he won`t ship out of state anymore. Panic, I did. I am so grateful to be able to order on line. I won`t use anything else.
Pros: It takes off makeup better than anything I have tried. It leaves my skin soft and clean without drying or irritation.
Cons: Not a thing

ratingratingratingratingrating  Heather A. Whitley (10/21/2008)
I found Gly Derm products at a Plastic surgeon`s office over 10 years ago, and am VERY glad that I am able to purchase this product online now. All of these products are fabulous and keep my skin healthy and glowing!
Pros: Smooth, milky texture
Cons: I don't like that this cleanser doesn't have the same "texture" as a scrub would

ratingratingratingratingrating  Beverly Wachtel (10/21/2008)
I have been using Gly Derm Gentle cleanser for 13 years. Started using it while I worked for a Dermatologist. I wouldn`t use anything else. It takes off all my makeup and it is great for my skin.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Katie Vaughan (10/21/2008)
Glyderm is the ONLY product I have used to cleanse my face for many years. I will not use anything else.
Pros: It leaves my skin so clean and soft. It is gentle never harsh.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Jean Gaissert (10/21/2008)
Pros: Superior cleanser and perfect first step for applying GlyDerm night cream or lotion. This solution gets rid of all traces of makeup with just one pump. I LOVE IT!!
Cons: There is nothing not to like about this cleanser!

ratingratingratingratingrating  Moo (10/21/2008)
Pros: I've used thhis for over 10 years, and people are always telling me how nice my skin is, and I'm almost 60! I like this product line so much that I give it as presents for the holidays. I beleive that you need to share good products with your friends.Can't go wrong with trying it.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Karen E (ext 114) (10/21/2008)
STAFF FAVORITE - Love it. Works great and doesn`t make my skin feel tight and dry.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Raymond Walker (10/21/2008)
Excellent product, even for a man. My dermatolgist recent comemt to me how regular use of the Glyderm line had given me back ``a young man`s skin``. I am 83.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Sandi Camp (10/21/2008)
Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser was recommended by my dermatologist several years ago because I have extremely sensitive skin. I haven`t used anything since.
Pros: The gentleness of the product on my skin.
Cons: Sometimes I have trouble opening a new bottle.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Barb (10/21/2008)
I have tried many glycolic washes and this is the only one that foams and rinses off entirely. Wonderful product. A bottle lasts forever.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Mary Lou (10/21/2008)
I have used gentle cleanser for 10 years. My dermatologist stopped carrying the line. I tried several other products I did not like as much. Finnally I looked online to find dermatolog Rx. Much less cost as from doctor. I am 59 and still have what is called adult acne. I also use the lotion to control acne and have recently started using the body lotion. Great stuff!

ratingratingratingratingrating  Nellie (10/21/2008)
I have used Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser for about 15 years and love it.
Pros: The 2% AHA Glycolic Acid doesn't dry my skin. This is important because I am 59. I think it was helped with the ageing process, at least people tell me I don't look my age.
Cons: If this product had any cons I wouldn't have used it for so long.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Alison (10/21/2008)
I have been using this product for over 10 years and will not use anything else. I originally was introduced to this at a dermatologists office.
I am 50 years old with very sensitive skin that will break out if I use a product that is either too moisturizing or has any kind of fragrance. Gly-Derm Gentle Cleanser is absolutely perfect! It is a fragrance-free, low foaming cleanser that you use with water.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Teresa (10/21/2008)
I have been using this product for almost 20 years. It is a very gentle yet thorough cleanser.
Pros: It is good for many skin types: oily, combination and sensitive skin.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Marty (10/21/2008)
Have been using this product for past 6-7 years at the recommendation of my clinical esthetician with continued great results
Pros: everything plus it's reasonably priced
Cons: none

ratingratingratingratingrating  SARAH (10/21/2008)
I have been using this cleanser for several years. I have switched away and always come back to it. I love it.
Pros: My face feels clean without feeling tight and dry. I use this year round and I never break out anymore and I never get too dry. It is non-irritating and I feel like my face gets very clean. I also like that it washes off easily and doesn't leave a film-like feeling on my face.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Roselee Burdette (10/21/2008)
The cleanser is very gentle and removes make-up better than anything I`ve used.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Pamela (10/21/2008)
Terrific product. Helpful for break-out prone middle-aged women with sensitive skin.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Ermelinda Wood (10/21/2008)
I`ve been using this product at least 15 years. Love it! Started using it through my dermatolgist office. I use the cleanser as part of the skincare program. Wouldn`t change brands ever!
Pros: It's very light, and non abrasive. It also keeps me away from the cosmetics counters at the department stores.
Cons: I seem to use it quickly. I wish you could get a regular cap on it like the old days! Hate the pump.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Mary H (10/21/2008)
I`ve used Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser for almost 17 years, and while the aging process can`t be stopped, these products have helped me maintain a youthful appearance well into my 60`s. Like Nellie, people are shocked when they learn my age. And because I look so good (really!!), I take great delight in sharing this ``secret.``
Pros: Good product at an extremely reasonable cost. Far superior to products sold at department store cosmetics counters at many times the price.

ratingratingratingratingrating  Pat & Sandy (10/21/2008)
I used to have lots of acne. A friend who worked for a dermatologist recommended Glyderm. I have not had acne since using this product, about 5 years now. My husband loves it too. His blackheads are gone. Would highly recommend.
Pros: Smooth, clear skin.
Cons: Burns if it gets in eyes.

ratingratingratingrating  Erin (10/21/2008)
This cleanser keeps my very acne prone skin relatively calm. I`ve tried many priceier ones in the past 18 years and this is the best

ratingratingratingrating  Jenny Cokerham (10/21/2008)
Pros: I like the cleaning action of this facial cleanser. It has gycolic acid in it to provide some exfoliation of the skin.
Cons: It can cause some drying, especially in the winter months.

ratingrating  Lynne Comer (10/21/2008)
I love this product and have been using it for years, but my latest shipment was different than my usual product. The consistency of the cleanser was watery and seemed to be diluted.
Pros: It's not making me break out and it was shipped quite fast.
Cons: Seems cheaper than usual product/diluted.

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