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FOREO launched in 2013 with the world's first T-SONIC™ technology that sends up to 8,000 pulsations per minute deep beneath your skins surface providing a deep clean and stimulates blood flow revealing a healthy glow. The FOREO is designed out of silicone that is nonabrasive and uses 1,300 touch points to target all skin types. There are no brush heads to replace, one charge lasts 300+ uses and there is a 2-Year Warranty.

Make the change. Welcome to the Skincare Revolution.

How do you choose which LUNA™ is best for you?


The World's First T-SONIC™ Facial-Cleansing Brush. The LUNA™ mini is great for ALL skin types & it comes in 5 colors: Petal Pink, Magenta, Turquoise Blue, Purple and Cool Grey. Use for just 1 minute with your favorite cleanser to reveal naturally healthier looking smoother skin. Especially great for teens, anyone who suffers from breakouts, dull complexion and travel.


The Revolutionary NEW Anti-Aging and Facial-Cleansing System. The LUNA™ is going cleanse your skin based on your skin type: Normal/Sensitive, Ultra Sensitive or Combination. Cleanse both day and night for 2 minutes to increase blood flow and naturally revealing a more radiant you. Use the Anti-Aging low frequency mode to massage away the years and melt away any signs of aging.


The LUNA™ Pro provides wrinkle-prone areas with focused and rejuvenating waves that relax muscle tension. This helps to smooth wrinkles and expression lines while providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The LUNA™ Pro has 4 cleansing zones with a range of textures suitable for any skin type. LUNA™ Pro is perfect for those concerned with aging skin. 


The LUNA™ for Men is the ultimate pre-shaving device! Prep your skin for the ultimate shave. Check out our FOREO for Men page.

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Make sure your FOREO is authentic. You can shop with confidence knowing that all FOREO devices sold on are 100% authorized directly from the manufacturer.


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