how to layer skincare products correctly

the Best Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

Have you ever wondered if it really matters if you moisturize your face before cleansing, does it make a difference? The answer is YES! In order to maximize the benefits of your skincare products, see below on the best order to apply your skincare products.

how to apply your skincare products


STEP 1: CLEANSER – Rinsing your face with water is not enough to clean your skin. Why cleanse your skin with a cleanser? When your face is clean, it allows the subsequent skincare products to work even better. Cleanse your face using a cleanser like La Roche-Posay’s Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser, instead of using standard soap since it will irritate and dry out your skin. Don’t forget to wash your hands before starting your skincare routine to stop further bacteria transfer.

STEP 2: TONER – Toners hydrate the skin’s surface immediately after cleansing while helping to reduce dry skin and redness. Using a toner is an optional step since most cleansers are efficient at removing all of the excess oil, dirt, and makeup.

STEP 3: MOISTURIZER – In order to keep your skin looking and feeling younger while preventing dryness, acne, and wrinkles, moisturize your skin at least 2x per day.

STEP 4: SUNSCREEN -Opt for a lightweight lotion then let it absorb fully, then move ahead with your makeup. Option, choose a moisturizer that already has SPF protection such as the Murad Balancing Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

STEP 5: MAKEUP – Finish up with the makeup of your choosing.


STEP 1: CLEANSER – Cleansing your skin before heading off to bed is beneficial at removing any extra oil your accumulated throughout the day as well as removing makeup.

STEP 2: TONER – If using a foaming cleanser, using a toner may be helpful to get rid of any excess dirt and oil left behind. Otherwise- an optional step.

STEP 3: SPOT TREATMENT – Spot treatments such as facial masks, lip care, and exfoliators are optional extras that are added on to target your personal skincare needs.

STEP 4: SERUM – Serums are formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients to be massaged into the skin.

STEP 5: EYE CREAM – Eye creams should also be put on prior to moisturizing. Eye creams formulated with caffeine, which reduces puffiness, and niacinamide, which increases moisture levels, keeps skin from drying out while keeping wrinkles at bay.

STEP 6: MOISTURIZER – By applying a moisturizer almost last in your routine, it boosts the efficiency of your previous products.

STEP 7: NIGHT CREAM – Wake up feeling refreshed and looking fabulous after applying a night cream prior to bed. Using a night cream on your face keeps your skin nourished while helping to repair damaged cells.

 Tips Based on Your Skin Type:

Acne or Oily Skin: It is best to cleanse your skin, using a gel cleanser like the Avene Oil-Free Gel Cleanser 2X per day to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and bacteria that actually cause more breakouts. When moisturizing, make sure to use an oil-free moisturizer like this one only once a day.

Dry Skin: Only cleanse your skin once a day in the AM using a creamy cleanser like the PCA Skin Phaze Creamy Cleanser. A serum can be used as a stand-alone product instead of a moisturizer and serum.

Sensitive Skin: Use products that are fragrance-free, noncomeogenic (will not clog pores), and hypoallergenic.

When cleaning your face, it is beneficial to use a cleansing brush such as FOREO and Clarisonic to wash off dirt and oil. FOREO devices come in several devices depending on your skin type such as sensitive skin, combination skin, or normal.

Always remember that going to bed without washing your face is bad for your skin. If you cannot commit to a full nighttime skincare routine, a quick cleanse, its better than nothing at all.

Once you commit a few minutes to your nigh time routine, you’ll be thankful when that alarm goes off in the morning.

What are your favorite skincare habits? Let us know in the comments below!