• your top questions, answered skincare edition

    HOW TO: what to apply & when

    As a product specialist, here at askderm.com, there are a lot of questions that I get asked over and over. One of those questions is about what to apply and when. You now have all these wonderful products at home but how are they applied and when do you use them? Have no fear, I can help sort that out for you!

    It can be very confusing for novice skincare users as well as for advanced users the difference between serums, SPF’s, and toners not to mention how to layer everything correctly.  (more…)

  • how to get that summer glow beauty edition

    How to Get That SUMMER GLOW Beauty Edition

    Summer has finally arrived and with it, comes all the pool parties, ocean side vacations, backyard barbecues, and the beauty dilemmas that can come with it. Here is how to feel good about your body, keep makeup meltdowns at bay, how to get that dewy summer skin & healthy hair you dream about.  (more…)

  • Beauty Tips Chantal

    beauty tips from askderm’s in-house esthetician

    Want the inside scoop? Chantal, askderm’s in-house esthetician, shares her top beauty tips and skincare expertise for Summer 2015. (more…)

  • Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

    Father’s Day Gift Guide – Skincare Edition

    Who is always the first person to come running to your side when you need something? That would be Dad. From teaching you how to ride your bike to reminding you to always be polite to others, dad has been teaching you valuable lessons since day 1. That being said, my dad is also the silliest person I know. I can always count on him to cheer my up after a long, hard day.  (more…)

  • the top 3 tips to combat dry summer hair

    the Top 3 Tips to Combat Dry Summer Hair

    Ah summer, days at the beach, backyard barbecues, lounging by the pool. All these outside activities can wreak havoc on your hair. Not to mention humidity!

    As a stylist, I hear clients say they struggle in this weather to maintain their locks from drying out. How to manage and tame your look, well let me put the love back in your summer hair. I will walk you through the must haves to combat the drying effects of the sun, wind, and water to protect ones color and defrizz.

  • how to choose a skin care device

    How to Choose a Skincare Device

    Technological advances in skincare have led to the rise of skincare devices and tools within the skincare market and their popularity grows annually. Whether you are a know-it-all tech junkie or are a newbie feeling overwhelmed by all the different gadgets and choices, here is a simple way to navigate through choosing which skincare device is right for you! (more…)

  • 21 Drops Now at askderm.com

    Get to know the brand: 21 Drops – Essential Oils

    The use of essential oils is an ancient practice. Aromatic liquid is extracted from a variety of plant material, which is then concentrated and prepared through distillation. The Egyptians are credited with creating the process of distillation. Essential oils are applied topically or are inhaled for the purpose of healing the body and mind.

    Cary Caster the founder of 21 drops built her brand from the desire to help and promote healthy living through natural practices. Cary has prestigious certifications and academic accomplishments that have taken her on a path of health and healing whether in her private massage practice or with her family at home. (more…)

  • askderm spring #tbt skin care posts from 2014

    the Top 3 Spring Blog Posts from 14 #TBT

    Each and every Thursday, Instagram & Twitter feeds are taken over by #TBT posts featuring childhood photos and anecdotes. I don’t know about you, but I love to browse through #TBT posts as a trip down memory lane.

    So in honor of #TBT, we are throwing it back to 2014 and recalling our top spring skin care posts from 2014.  (more…)

  • askderm spring cleaning blog

    Spring Beauty

    We all know the connotations of spring; renewal and looking forward, leaving the dark, dry and icy gloom of winter in our past. Springing forward and spring-cleaning apply not only to our homes and the length of our days but also to the health of our bodies, inside and out.

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