• how to choose a skin care device

    How to Choose a Skincare Device

    Technological advances in skincare have led to the rise of skincare devices and tools within the skincare market and their popularity grows annually. Whether you are a know-it-all tech junkie or are a newbie feeling overwhelmed by all the different gadgets and choices, here is a simple way to navigate through choosing which skincare device is right for you! (more…)

  • 21 Drops Now at askderm.com

    Get to know the brand: 21 Drops – Essential Oils

    The use of essential oils is an ancient practice. Aromatic liquid is extracted from a variety of plant material, which is then concentrated and prepared through distillation. The Egyptians are credited with creating the process of distillation. Essential oils are applied topically or are inhaled for the purpose of healing the body and mind.

    Cary Caster the founder of 21 drops built her brand from the desire to help and promote healthy living through natural practices. Cary has prestigious certifications and academic accomplishments that have taken her on a path of health and healing whether in her private massage practice or with her family at home. (more…)

  • askderm spring #tbt skin care posts from 2014

    the Top 3 Spring Blog Posts from 14 #TBT

    Each and every Thursday, Instagram & Twitter feeds are taken over by #TBT posts featuring childhood photos and anecdotes. I don’t know about you, but I love to browse through #TBT posts as a trip down memory lane.

    So in honor of #TBT, we are throwing it back to 2014 and recalling our top spring skin care posts from 2014.  (more…)

  • askderm spring cleaning blog

    Spring Beauty

    We all know the connotations of spring; renewal and looking forward, leaving the dark, dry and icy gloom of winter in our past. Springing forward and spring-cleaning apply not only to our homes and the length of our days but also to the health of our bodies, inside and out.

  • rejuvel new brand at askderm.com

    askderm Introduces Rejuvel 3D

    Rejuvel 3D is an innovative skincare product, newly released to the market. NASA originally created the technology used to develop this anti-aging crème, for the growth of tissue in space. NASA’s bioreactors create a suspended microgravity environment for cell cultures to grow. This 3D technology allows for healthier cell growth without deformation due to restriction.

  • lip care 101 at askderm.com

    Lip Care 101

    Kissable lips, a plump pout with a dash of a scarlet lippie…this imagery may seem far fetched if your reality is chapped, cracked and windburn lips, but all is not lost. Here’s how to love your lips!

  • beauty oils how to at askderm.com

    Beauty 101: Understanding and How to use Skincare Oils

    While beauty oils have been used for centuries and many of today’s skincare products are formulated with oils, facial oils have been gaining mainstream attention over the past few years. Despite this, many people are still fearful of trying facial oils as part of their skin care regiment, believing that they all lead to breakouts, but this simply is not true. Yes, some oils are very comedogenic, but we are not talking about synthetic mineral oil here! We are talking about high quality, pure, plant-based oils that have many healthy benefits.

  • winter_featuredimages

    Stay Moisturized this Winter

    Winter is in full swing and with this comes scaly, parched and flaking skin. No run of the mill watery lotions will do. Winter skin dryness happens to all skin types due to cold temperatures, harsh indoor heating, & gusty winds. Give your winter skin care routine a makeover with my (askderm’s in-house Esthetician) top picks to protect and hydrate even the driest of winter skin.