• clearista review

    Clearista Retexturizing Gel Review

    The Search to Find the Perfect Retexturizing Gel…

    I’ve searched the shelves of beauty stores, testing different friends’ suggestions and trying out various brands to find the perfect retexturizing product that I could not only use on myself but suggest to my clients as well.   It may not sound like a difficult task, but because our skin is always changing due to hormones, sun damage, environmental effects and even just plain ol’ everyday stress, it’s great to find a product that can be used with various skin types from sensitive skin, acne prone and even mature skin all while creating a wonderful glow regardless of the skin type! (more…)

  • school_basics_Featured

    Back to School Basics: The Skincare Edition

    The school season is upon us. Time to put your best face forward and strive for success. These skincare products surely make the grade. (more…)

  • what to do after a sunburn

    Sun Exposure Aftercare

    This year’s summer chapter may be drawing to a close, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors safely. For some of you, that may also mean trying to catch every last ray of sunshine you can grab hold of! If you find yourself committing the number one skincare no-no, allowing yourself to become sunburned, here is what to do… (more…)

  • Lazy Skincare BEauty

    Quick Skin Care Routine Tips

    Follow these quick skin care routine tips to speed up your skincare routine while keeping your skin looking beautiful. Discover the best rockstar products that are great all-in-one products! (more…)

  • BB Cream vs CC Creaam

    What is the Difference Between a BB Cream & a CC Cream?

    Walking through the makeup aisle in a store or browsing makeup products online can be a pretty daunting task. As an askderm product specialist, one of the most common makeup questions we get it is, what is the real difference between a BB and CC cream? Let’s get straight to the facts.  (more…)

  • how to tip at the salon

    Beauty Etiquette: How to Tip at the Salon

    One of the most confusing aspects of going to a salon is figuring out what you should tip your hair stylist. Every time I go, I find myself looking around to see what others are tipping to make sure I’m tipping enough. I’ve even gone as far as to ask my friends what they thought and I received so many different answers. Ranging from 10-30 percent, I still had no clue what the appropriate amount was. So I decided to ask our in-house salon experts, Carolyn and Ashley. Make your next trip to the salon a breeze with these 7 tips on how to tip at the salon. (more…)

  • beauty tips from esthetician

    fun facts from askderm’s in-house esthetician

    Want the inside scoop? Chantal, askderm’s in-house esthetician, shares her top beauty tips and skincare expertise. Check out Chantal’s Friday Fun Facts on askderm.com’s Facebook page for new skincare facts!  (more…)

  • college skincare the college years

    Skincare: The College Years

    The years you spend in college can be some of the most amazing, memorable, and stressful times in your life. To this day, some of my best memories have taken place on my college campus. From concerts to club events to late night food runs, my friends and I have had some incredible times.

    That being said, as the semester’s progress, it tends to get more and more stressful with the increasing course loads. Whenever I begin to get stressed, normally not even two weeks into the semester, I notice that my face starts to break out and dark circles begin to appear. That’s why I’ve added skincare products to my daily routine. (more…)

  • PMD Review Does it Really Work

    PMD Review – Does it Really Work?

    What is Microdermabrasion?

    Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation method in which aluminum oxide or Sodium bicarbonate crystals are sprayed over the skin from a wand that simultaneously suctions the skin and vacuums up the loose crystals. This exfoliation removes the topmost layer of the stratum corneum, encouraging new healthy cells to emerge. (more…)

  • face wash vs cleanser what is the difference

    Cleanser vs Face Wash – What is the Difference

    Scrolling through the thousands of products on askderm.com can be a daunting task. You are pummeled with product after product that promises to combat acne, reverse the signs of aging, or using advanced technology to turn back time. Ok, I exaggerated a bit, that last one does not exist.  Seriously though, when it comes to washing your face, there are countless ways to get the job done which is why we are going back to basics today to get to the bottom of the difference between a cleanser vs face wash. (more…)